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Aluminum Quick-Lock Tubing

Quick-Lock Tubing is a solid metal compressed air piping system that provides superior strength with a lightweight design. The fittings and powder coated extruded aluminum pipe provides a system that is easy to install, while ensuring high performance and versatility. • Manufactured from marine-grade aluminum that prevents rust and system deterioration • Ease of installation • High flow rates / low pressure losses • Smooth internal diameter of tube maintained throughout life of the system

Benefits of Quick-Lock

• Simple installation- can be handled and installed by 1 person
• Powder coated extruded aluminum
• Re-usable- can be effortlessly disconnected and reconnected for reuse
• Less contamination in the air stream when compared to black iron piping
• System flexibility allows for simple modifications and/or additions
• Easily switch to provide the Total Piping Solution

Big Lock Tubing

Quick Lock Tubing

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